Privacy Policy

Before using this website, read carefully the following clause:

The data contained in this website is provided by Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd (YMT) as an information service platform for customers. Our customers are allowed to download data contained in this website. However, while downloading data, they must observe the following mutually agreed clause. Downloading data in this website will mean agreeing with the following clause. Otherwise, do not use this website.


Items for users to follow: If you send any message from this website, it will be deemed as an unclassified document. We have no obligation to bear communication confidentiality. However, we prohibit users to send any message containing illegal, inciting, malicious, obscene, and pornographic statement or data or anything violates the R.O.C's law. Personal data: We will not disclose any personal data filled in by the user through our website. The data you left during communication will only be used in this website or reasonably be used by our company. If you tick the item "like to automatically receive our message" we will have your data and retain it as backup in our web's databank. However, we will not disclose any data containing in the databank to other individuals or companies for copying.

Trademark description

The YMT's registered trademark must not be used without approval. If you want to properly use the YMT's trademark in your advertisement or promotional data, you have to properly remark where the trademark comes from.

General description

YMT may modify this legal message from time to time in order to meet our interest. It is suggested that you visit this website sometimes to view this legal message as regulations herein listed may restrict your use of this website.

Software download

If this website provides downloading service for customers, you are allowed to download one copy. However, the software provided by our company must not be used for commercial purposes without our authorization. We inform users that we do not guarantee the software provided from this website can fit your hardware. Therefore, we are not liable for any technical problems that result from downloading the software from any personal computer. If you encounter any software or hardware problem, we strongly recommend you contact the computer dealer where you purchased your computer or the computer manufacturer.

Policy applicability

This policy applies to all websites of YMT or any website of different language versions under YMT.
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