Key Features
  • Trendy "box" design scooter accentuates cubic space—hence the name VOX Fi—while it stresses function and simplicity.
  • Completely modern running gear, including a fuel-injected engine makes this one super- economical to operate.
    The VOX Fi will take you a long, long way on a single 1.2-gallon tank of gas.
  • High-function features include big tires on cast aluminum wheels, a motorcycle-type fork and handlebar.
  • Side-hinged, locking storage compartment swallows up to nine gallons of gear.
  • New Future New Technology
    Fuel Injection To reduce exhaust pollution and fuel consumption, Yamaha First introduces an advanced fuel injection technology on its 50cc models. With quick response, calculation and accurate fuel supply control by the microprocessor, the VOX Fi and its unique 3V water-cooled engine is more fuel efficient. Newly designed "Dual catalyst AI exhaust processing system" makes this stylish new-generation of small motorbikes cleaner and more environmentally safe.
    • Environmentally friendly
    • High technology
    • High stability
  • 50 cc revolution! Fi electronic fuel injection system + Imported 3V water-cooled engine from Japan.
  • The VOX Fi will take you a long, long way on a single 1.2-gallon tank of gas.
  • Fully automatic, V-belt transmission provides easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.
  • Pushbutton electric starting (with backup kickstarter) for ultimate ease of operation.
  • The air-induction system and exhaust catalyst techonlogy reduce air pollution.
  • Fat, 120/90-10 front and rear tires offer excellent traction and rugged looks.
  • Large-diameter steel tube frame for strength, long life, and great handling.
  • Hydraulic motorcycle-type front fork with 2.3 inches of travel delivers a smooth ride.
  • Motorcycle-type handlebar can be swapped out easily for a different bend or style.
  • Unlike most scooters, the front apron turns along with the fork for style and function.
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